Scrogging and LST

Scrogging is so popular these days, but it kills me to see scrog laid down during veg. To me, it just seems like it limits access to your plants so much. How do you get in there to trim or check the health of your plants, or make any needed adjustments? Scrog can't be good in a situation with bugs or bud rot. But more than anything, I would feel uncomfortable being so limited in my ability to move and access my plants.

But, people do need something at times to prop up heavy colas. We recommend that if using a scrog with LST, add it in flower. Veg the plants with the Low Stress Trainer and then add scrog at the beginning of flower, a few inches from the top of the plant. That way when the plant grows another several inches, you get the support, but without sacrificing access during the vegetative phase.

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