Hard lessons from last grow

Tying a plant down really, really sucks. Not only is it time-consuming and annoying to tie each limb down, I found that I never adjusted the string after initially tying it around the branch. As the branches grew, the string cut into them and restricted their growth in that spot. Then when I tripped over the string-- which was hard to see and hard to avoid, since each limb was tied down differently-- the branch snapped right off in that spot. The branch couldn't be saved.

In contrast, we had 3 monster plants that were LST'd from when they were small, then continued to be LSTd after being planted outside with a metal ring around the plant, which the LST was then fastened around. The LST works well with outdoor pots, or with any kind of box structure around the base of the plant, which many growers use. With the LST'd plants, it wasn't such a mystery where the tie-downs were and there was no risk of tripping because there was a defined perimeter. Also, LST cords are soft and not hard-locked so if there is sudden stress, the cord will give rather than hurting the plant.

Another lesson learned is one I should already know-- indoors to outdoors, never the other way around while there is an indoor grow in progress. You can put your seedlings out, but don't take plant life that's been outside back inside a grower's house. By the same token, growers should not have houseplants. It just doesn't work out long term. At some point some bugs will be on something, they will get on your houseplants, and you may never be rid of them.

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