They grow up so fast

Late spring is a very exciting time for cannabis cultivation for those who know there's just no substitute for the SUN. The queens and the clones are ready to go outside and explode. With LST, they are poised to stay discrete while reaching their full potential with lots of tops. Let's see what the ladies have been up to in the past few weeks!

2 weeks ago

For a while this lady didn't have her own LST and was sharing with her neighbor. This plant is growing very tight so it has a high tendency to shade itself out if grown straight up. When she finally got her own LST Large all the branches could be tied down.


Applying the LST has opened this plant up for optimal light penetration and growth. Several tops are forming in very tight formation.

Here's another before and after, this one with a 1 month lapse between pictures. This lady was used for cloning purposes. She immediately bounced back with more tops.


One more before-and after....this shows how low stress training a bit later isn't optimal, but can still benefit growth. This LST was applied late and the stem cracked a bit, but was easily repaired with tape. Now it's hard to get the whole plant in the picture!



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