The Grow Report: The Ladies Grow into their LSTs

It's a beautiful spring day out there, but it's summer in the grow tent. This grow report is going to feature some pics of some of the unexpected benefits and pitfalls of the LST.

This one shows the beautiful colors that are coming out in the leaves. It almost looks like a butterfly. I count 10 budding sites visible in this picture, with more yet to emerge as it continues to veg and get tied down.


This pic shows creative use of the LST, linking the arms into an adjustable scrog. As the plant develops laterally, this is a way to hold down many branches and continue to open the plant up to maximum light, while using fewer LST arms.

This is a slightly more up-close picture of the same thing. The tips at either end are bent down because they were tied down today. This plant looks like it wants to break out of the picture!


Lastly, a picture that shows the resilience of the cannabis plant. Initially this grow was going to be 50% no-LST for contrast. That percentage kept shrinking smaller and smaller because watching the LST'd plants explode with new growth due to the increased light exposure, it seemed a shame to not LST every plant. This plant was the lone hold out, had been pinched just once with no further technique, leading to a "V" shape stalk. When the plant finally was LST'd, the pressure of pulling down the arms on the crux of the V caused a split. But the cannabis plant is resilient, and a bandage helped her heal. The new growth resulting from the LST application is evident from the lighter green areas. This plant will never be near-horizontal as the others are, but it is still benefitting from LST due to more light getting to the whole plant.

One thing it highlights for me is that the LST technique is especially beneficial in an indoor environment because the light only comes from one direction, overhead. In nature, the sun moves around the sky during the day, exposing different parts of the plant to light throughout the day. But in the grow room, the growth habit of cannabis straight up makes it cast shadows on itself and hampers its growth unless LST technique is used. LST cuts self-shadowing to a minimum, minimizing wasted electricity while boosting growth.

Stay Green Friends!

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