Autoflower vs. Feminized

I recently learned the origin of autoflower marijuana, and it’s pretty cool. I guess they cross-bred Cannabis Ruderalis, a plant that grows near the Arctic, with its higher yielding and more potent cousins Indica and Sativa. It definitely softens my relationship with the word “autoflower”, which sounds like a plant robot. Ruderalis evolved to mature and flower quickly to take advantage of the short Artic summers, and that’s why autoflower is so fast-yielding. The main advantage of autoflower is that it is considered easier to grow indoors because the grower doesn’t have to do anything different to send it into flower. Another advantage, as a grower friend recently pointed out to me, is that you can harvest and cure your bud before rippers are even thinking about looking for plants to pirate. By and large, people don’t manipulate autoflower, they just let it grow itself to maturity.

We prefer feminized seeds because the bud tends to be better and more potent. Just as important, feminized seeds leave you with a lot more opportunity to engage technique to get a bigger and better yield. Non-autoflower strains can stay in vegetative mode as long as the light source is telling them it’s grow time by providing light to the plants for 12 or more hours per day. As you veg the plant, you can top it and/or low stress train it to get more tops. With low stress training, we recommend that the plant stay in vegetative mode for a little longer than usual—between 90 and 110 days. When the plant goes into flower after you’ve set it up to have dozens of tops, the yield is worth the wait.

Although autoflower has its place, feminized seeds will reward the grower who is willing to learn a little more. It seems silly not to take advantage of the yield that a bigger plant can produce.

Thanks for reading! Stay green.

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