Field Trip: Elevated Lounge in Providence, RI

Low Stress Training Products visited the Elevated Lounge in Providence, RI on Saturday because we wanted to check out an event called “Grow Room Night”, a weekly night for growers to exchange knowledge while basking in one of the few medical marijuana lounges in the region. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the place or the event.

Luckily, it is hard to feel intimidated after walking in the door of the Elevated Lounge. A tensa-barrier marks the entryway and keeps it from being just a room you walk into where people are consuming cannabis. There’s nothing new about that for us, but there is a certain novelty to just walking in off the street to a legally sanctioned medical cannabis lounge. It was a bit surreal to see an ashtray, which is something I haven’t seen outside of a private home in a while, with somebody’s roach in it. Could something so simple actually be possible here on the East Coast?

There were papers to sign, and $5 each to pay.

Formalities out of the way, we were free to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Kevin Cintorino, the founder of the Elevated Lounge, clearly loves his job. The Lounge is totally unlike a bar, restaurant or cafe—there is no pressure to spend any money there after the entry fee. There is some glass for sale, some edibles, and one variety of flower being offered through a partner company, but the emphasis is more on hanging out and medicating than buying anything. The options for food or drink are very limited, but cheaply priced. The lighting at the Elevated Lounge is bright, and it has a bar with a variety of bongs, dab rigs, and something new to me—an E-nail that stays hot and whose temperature can be raised or lowered with a touchpad. The Lounge has almost a community-center vibe, but with leather couches and everybody getting “elevated”.

The Elevated Lounge definitely represents some great aspects of cannabis culture. It encourages people to relax and share, to forget about time for a little while. It’s not commercialistic at all but they’re open to promoting small businesses in the industry. The Lounge encourages people to learn from each other, and they periodically offer educational events. We hope to partner with them in the new year to offer a free class on low stress training.

The Elevated Lounge is definitely worth checking out if you’re seeking more knowledge, cannabis community, or just the interest of witnessing the evolving edge of cannabis culture on the East Coast.

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