The LST Field Guide to Cannabis Events

Not too long ago, my only awareness of cannabis events consisted of house parties at a stoner’s house. Since starting my cannabis-industry business, I’ve become aware that there are different types of cannabis-related events that cater to different needs and purposes. Here’s a summary of what I’ve gleaned so far.

Cannabis community events—These are small events that generally don’t charge an admission fee and their purpose is simply to celebrate marijuana in community. An example would be the Cornucopia event we recently attended, which was hosted by the Cannabis Society in Ipswich, MA. It was a pre-Thanksgiving feast at a private home. We like to attend events like this when we can for enjoyment, to build in-person contacts and learn more about the cannabis community in different places and circles.

Concerts and rallies—There’s probably a crappy band blaring in one area, while at the same time somebody gives a speech about legalization. Most of the people are milling around looking at glass or seizing the opportunity to get stoned in public with little to no paranoia. At least, this was my experience of the Freedom Rally in Boston this year. On the plus side, these events offer many of the benefits of an expo and are often free to attend.

Trade fair/Convention—The New England Cannabis Convention, which we attended twice this year in Boston and Portland, is a good example. Events in this category are largely oriented toward the public. We met great people in the industry, and we made good connections with consumers one-to-one. There’s something very special about adding to the knowledge base of a small grower and seeing their interest in the product. There are usually demos and speakers at such an event, which is a good opportunity to get additional exposure for one’s cannabis-related product or service.

Trade Show—These events are primarily for business-to-business networking. The cost to get in can be a lot higher than shows which are trying to attract casual attendees. Personally, I can’t wait to attend such a show. We want to revolutionize how marijuana is grown, and the best way for that to happen is to get in a pool of people who are running large, legal grows.

Our business focuses on the cultivation rather than the consumption of marijuana, and we we’re not a company of grow lights or nutrients. Right there, we’re in an innovative space in the cannabis industry. It takes specialized knowledge to appreciate what our product does and how it improves upon the existing methods for low stress training. As we go forward, we’ll be seeking out the events designed for people are serious about growing. A company selling glass or cannabis soap would likely have a very different profile of what they want to achieve by participating in or attending a cannabis event.

Stay green, dear readers!

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