A peek inside production

The LST production facility, AKA our house, has been in high gear this week as we prepare for the roll-out of the LST Mini and the LST Large. Since the debut of the LST Original in September, Joe and I have had the opportunity to try out the Low Stress Trainer on a wide range of containers, from Smart Pots to the latest hydroponic setups. One of the things we discovered is that the range of the LST Original is actually wider than originally advertised. Gallon capacities do not capture the circumference of the container, so very short and squat containers or very tall and narrow containers could fall outside these guidelines. Still, we use gallons to indicate the LST sizes because that is the most common parameter used to describe growing containers.

The capacities of the Low Stress Trainers are:

LST Mini: 1-3 Gallons.

LST Original: 3-7 Gallons

LST Large: 8-20 Gallons.

We’re planning to sell the LST Mini in 3-packs and 6-packs to start, while the LST Large will be offered in 1-pack, 3-pack and 10-pack like the Original. The idea of a single LST Mini out there in the world without some companions was just too heartbreaking. Treat your babies right!

Look for these products to come online by Friday, as I redesign the website in honor of the expansion of our product line. Joe is picking up the new packaging today!

There are some other products a little farther down the pike. This winter, Joe also plans to build a 50-gallon prototype for the LST Monster—a custom order category for containers over 20 gallons. The new year will also bring research and development for a whole new product line that will have us branching out, so to speak.

Stay high, friends!

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