Something for nothing

It started at our first convention. A certain man—I won’t say who, mostly because he didn’t give his name—was picking at a few perceived weak points to see how we’d react. He was one of the business types who are just getting into cannabusiness and don’t know the first thing about marijuana consumption or culture. He told us he worked for a grow facility and he was interested in our product. And he really wanted us to be successful, which is why he wanted us to outfit his growhouse for free or “at cost”.

You know, for the exposure.

We get it, we really do. We need pictures of an entire grow facility outfitted with LSTs. Most people don’t realize the potential benefits of our products and we need extensive documentation of those benefits to break the barrier from startup to actually generating revenue. But we are operating with a limited budget and the internships of my life are all over, baby. We realized we need to be strategic about what we give away and to whom.

First, you have to know the person’s name and who they represent if anyone. Preferably you’re meeting in person and have a good vibe off them.

Second, there should be potential for a significant sale and genuine interest.

Third, no one gets more than two and few get more than one free.

Fourth, a rock-bottom price is agreed upon within the company for bulk sales and it’s something you can live with.

By agreeing on these principals as co-owners, we reduce our vulnerability to scammers. By limiting the number of samples we give out and keeping the bottom price near retail, we place value on both the product and ourselves. Giving away a product is a very real investment of labor and money, so it’s important to know who and what we’re investing in.

Likewise, I’ve rethought taking stuff for free from others. Specifically clones. I don’t care to get a free clone or give a free clone unless I’m 100% sure that the plant that clone is coming off is disease and mite free. I’ve just seen it too many times! Very few people can be trusted to know whether or not their plants are truly healthy. Better to just start your own seeds. And that’s the way we run the company, too.

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