The Grow Report: Pinch-Free LST + Smart Pots

Here's a healthy young cannabis plant grown by a caregiver affiliated with our friends over at CannaCare. As you can see, no pinching has taken place.

Here's the same plant after just 4 days using the LST!

Usually, we think of low stress training as something you implement after pinching has established 4 or more main "leaders", or primary branches.

This demonstrates the "alternative use" of the LST detailed in the instructions which are included with every pack. The LST has been used to bend down the main stalk of an otherwise unaltered plant. Already, you can see new growth going straight to the tops. As this plant develops further, the grower will have the option to continue training the main stalk down, and to train down branches as they develop for even more tops. This is the advantage of the Low Stress Trainer's fully adjustable design.

At the Maximum Yield convention in Boston, we were able to conduct a little research on the LST's compatibility with cloth pots...

The answer is YES! The LST can be used in conjunction with virtually any container of an appropriate size to the model of LST. Some tips for using the LST with cloth pots (Smart Pots, Geo Pots, etc.):

  • Stretch the shock cord band before applying it to the container.

  • Position the shock cord a few inches under the top level of the soil.

  • Place the cord behind the container from you and pull forward to buckle.

In our next blog post, we will report on the expansion of our product line with the LST Mini for 3-5 gallon containers and the LST Large for 7-12 gallon containers.

Stay high friends!

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