Plant training made EASY


LST®: the finest kit available for home growers and professionals


More tops = Better yield


More light penetration & air circulation=Healthier plant


Easy to use. Saves time and avoids injury to plants.


More yield on fewer plants.


Plants stay lower & more discreet.


LST® Kits are built to last indoor and outdoor.





LST® Mini

The LST® Mini is perfect for young plants, quick-cycling grow rooms, or multiple plants in a small space. Developed for 1-3 gallon pots, it fits any container with a circumference of 20-30 in.

LST® Original


 Developed for the standard 5-gallon bucket, the LST® Original is perfect for mid-size plants. It fits containers with a circumference of 22.5-36 in. The Original has 5 adjustable arms. Packs of 5 extra arms, which clip on to the LST band, are available in our store.

LST® Large

The LST® Large is perfect for a large yield with a limited number of plants. Fits containers with a circumference of 49-70 in. (8-35 gallons) and has 7 arms.




Our interlocking modular design can work with any size container! Buckle two or more LST® Large kits together for 50+ gallon containers.

To apply: Click, Loop, and Lock!

Instructions for use are included in every package


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LST Large on a 12 gallon pot

Many tops form on this cannabis plant in tight formation, avoiding the excessive spreading of some other trellising techniques.